No 1

Let’s talk! I’d love to hear your idea. We can meet for coffee or over the phone to see if our collaboration would be a good fit.

Maybe you don’t know exactly what you’d like, but you have a wall begging for some attention. I can take a look at the space and work with you to create the perfect feature.


No 2

I’ll draw up a proposal, complete with a visual draft and price. The price will be based on the material cost, projected hours spent planning & creating, future consultation meetings, and travel (if applicable).

A 50% deposit and signed invoice will secure your commission.


No 3

I’ll get to work! Depending on the nature of the commission, you can expect completion anywhere between 4 weeks to 6 months.

Those living within 20 miles of Indianapolis will receive free delivery. The final 50% is due upon delivery.



Q 1

What do you mean by collaborate?

As an art educator, I have a firm belief that every human is creative. A commission offers the opportunity to practice this by learning to visualize with an artist.

As an artist, I distill the ideas discussed in our consultation through my own creative lens. In my studio (or on site) these imagined ideas and preliminary sketches come to life.

Q 2

What is required to commission you?

A pre-consultation (in-person or over the phone), a 50% deposit, and a signed contract are required for me to begin a commission.

Q 3

Do you work from photographs?

I sometimes use photographs as a reference tool. However, I choose not to use them as a primary source. Instead, I prefer working from a combination of observation, memory, and photographic references.

Q 4

What is a typical price range for a commission? And, how long is the process?

Prices will vary depending on materials, size, and scope of the commission. This price covers consultations, basic materials, and preliminary work, and time spent creating. While I do want to respect the time, effort, and materials it takes to create, I value accessible prices for everyone. Feel free to reach out for a free price quote.

Similar to pricing, the time it takes to create a commission varies based on how extensive the project is. A typical duration could be anywhere from 4 weeks-6 months.