(photo credit: Bobby Bennett)


Q 1

What is a pre-consultation?

It’s basically our “meet-cute.” We’ll meet for coffee or set-up a FaceTime date to discuss logistics and personal preferences. Getting to know you and your story inspires the tone and feel of the painting’s composition. We’ll chat about what moments you wish to capture and what memories you hope to preserve.


Q 2

What is required to book you for my event?

After our pre-consultation, a 50% deposit and a signed contract secures your date. You're all set!


Q 3

How early do you arrive? How long do you paint?

This can range from 5-8 hours. I typically arrive 2-3 hours in advance to set up my easel and begin laying in the background of the composition. By the time your guests arrive, I’ll be painting centerpieces, decorations, and the guests themselves! The painting is near complete by the end of the event. The painting may be displayed as I tidy brushes and pack up supplies. After the event, I take the painting back to my studio for touch-ups.


Q 4

How much space will you need, and do you require any equipment?

I require a 4x4 ft space with an outlet nearby. I will bring all my own equipment: easel, palette, light source, drop cloth, & painting supplies.


Q 5

Will my guests be distracting?

Not at all! I’m part of your guest’s entertainment. I love interaction with guests. As an art teacher I’m accustomed to lively crowds and curious on-lookers (especially kids and kids at heart).

Lauren's Wedding.jpg

Q 6

What kind of paints do you use?

I use water-soluble oils. This crazy new technology provides the beautiful, archival quality of oils, while significantly reducing the smelly fumes typically associated with traditional oils. I love it because it allows me to build up layers and textures and provides an easy clean-up!


Q 7

I’m an event planner. Can you help me with gifts I can give my clients?

Of course! I’d love to help you shower your clients with care on their special day! We can collaborate on anything from place settings to thank you cards. Depending on what we dream up, I can provide creative services starting at $50.


Q 8

Will I be able to get a print of the work?

You will receive a high resolution jpeg of the painting for your personal use. Set it as a desktop wallpaper, share it on social media, email it to grandma!

I can recommend a local Indianapolis printer I trust for reproductions of the work. Sites like Shutterfly and Zazzle are great if you are looking to create stationary. Not only would you be able to hang up an original masterpiece in your home or office, you’d also be able send out truly unique “thank you” cards to your guests!

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